I’ve Officially Got My (Beyhive) Wings

Over these last few weeks of being home, my happiness and excitement for life in general has changed, something that needed to happen. Constantly busy with work but making time for other things, I could definitely pinpoint some specifics but all that matters is that I AM HAPPY.

There WAS one thing in particular that had me feeling like I was about to come face-to-face with the greatest wonder in my life… The prep and nerves were determining what to wear, how to do my hair, what time to leave, what pictures to delete so I had storage for the big night, and of course how loud to yell the words to “Formation” as I saw the Queen. That’s right, I finally said it…


This past Friday, on behalf of an amazing friend who received some tickets for her 21st birthday, I was able to attend my first (but certainly not last) Beyonce’ concert and maaaaaaaan, I’ve been on a high ever since. There was not one bad thing about the entire night. From opening act to final number in her set, the experience was close to perfect and I really feel everyone needs that feeling in their life at least ONCE..


To be completely honest though, a little anxiety had set in around the previous Saturday night when we pulled up the seating chart and saw where Section 553 was…way up in the sky. Not the move. But as the week progressed, I was hearing from multiple people, “there is no such thing as bad seats at Ravens stadium”. Friday came, I took a deep breath and made my way up the mile climb of steps. Seated, settled, and content.. not bad at all. DJ Khaled was already onstage and bringing out surprise after surprise of hometown favorites from Wale and Shy Glizzy to DJ Kool. At one point, we even had a surprise visit from Trey Songz (with his fine self) and Yo Gotti. At some points, you would’ve thought that was the concert itself. Tray and I managed to rap all the words for the opening set and constantly checked the time for darkness because that’s when it would really go down.

At 9:27, I could swear my heart stopped..


She spoke about having a great time in everyday life, being proud of where you’re from, being proud of who you are, and of course, your SLAY. This was certainly appreciated because it’s what we need in our lives today, especially young black women. Of course the entire venue was filled with shades, builds, backgrounds and beliefs of all people, but it was absolutely beautiful to see men and women of all ages and of the most beautiful and melanin-rich shades mixing and mingling in good nature because of this good thing. I think the best way to describe it would be in comparison to the women’s bathroom during a party in Dewberry (for my Mason folks) or the bathroom at a club, everybody is just friendly and wants to smile at one another. This was the tone the entire night.

In her set of 35 songs, including a beautiful and purple tribute to Prince, Beyonce’ possessed every aspect of #blackgirlmagic. Costumes showing her wonderful figure, the varying hair textures of herself and her dancers, telling her humble beginnings story and being REAL. A real woman in front of 40,000+ people. I was in complete awe of how effortlessly she graced the stage without a single stutter or mistake. Granted, it does take hours of rehearsal and confidence but she made it look waaaaay too easy. I admired that confidence from start to finish, especially within her dancers. The way they all walked, stood tall, entered and exited in such precision, I think I watched this more than I watched the Queen herself sometimes. I mean, who else can place themselves in a pool of water covering the ankles and move with such ease and class? THEY CAN AND THEY DID!

I threw all of my cares away as I danced and sang the night away, not caring who was watching. I recorded myself and played it back over and over, reminding myself that this was a happy time and it could potentially be something I do in the future, but on that stage that was placed below hundreds of feet below me. I was filled with warmth and positive energy.

After evaluating the night over and over, I came to the realization that Beyonce’ IS just who and what we need for black girls today, including myself. She is just what we need for everyday life, making the list with women such as First Lady Obama. There will always be something that may get her called upon in a not so positive manner but what does she  always do, she SLAYS. I’m pretty sure she was doing that before she really coined it.

She’s been on top of the game for the last 3 years since the 2013 digital drop of BEYONCE’ and shows no signs of letting up. It’s not hard to forget hit after hit, but for some it may be hard to remember that she’s just like most of us. That’s the part I will now focus on. Before she was Beyonce’, she was little Beyonce’ Knowles from Houston, TX. Growing up with a family that loved her and wanted to see her reach the success she wanted. She gained some things and maybe even lost them but she never gave up. Venture after venture to climb up the ladder.


I am forever grateful for my experience on this past Friday. Not even just for the entertainment it provided, but the change it created within my ambition, humility, and confidence. My wings are ready to fly.

I see it, I want it, I stunt, yellow-bone it. I dream it, I work  hard, I grind ’til I own it..” -Formation

That’s what I learned from the Queen and I vow never to forget it.



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