Help Wanted

this year, I told myself I wanted to do something new and innovative, something I had never done before. what could that new and innovative thing be for someone like me? I thought long and hard and decided it should be something that I am familiar with but with a twist. we all know that I love to dance and have a good time but I’m also interested in deep conversations and learning from others. from these characteristics, I had to go out on a whim. question after question but ultimately, where would this lead me?

here. a blog, I never would have imagined. informal, yet also thriving in this social media savvy world today.

really unsure of what topics I want to cover, this is where all of you come into play. of course I know some things I would like to address, but I enjoy an open forum and take suggestions (please and thank you). so let’s just go ahead and bookmark this together and make waves. I look forward to any and everything.

signed with peace, love, and hair grease,






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